Frequently Asked Questions

What will my project cost?

Outsidedown Productions has an hourly rate for labor with sales tax added – hard copy discs with case and insert are additional and have set prices. Since each project is unique and there are many options available, it is difficult to offer a package price. If you call or e-mail me with the details of your project, an estimate can be calculated to give you an idea of the cost of the project.

How does the transaction work?

I will meet you in an agreed upon location – coffee shops are a favorite of mine – to meet you, pick up your materials, and take notes on the details of your project.  You may contact me at any point during the project, and proofs will be sent where applicable.  When your project is finished, we will arrange to meet again.  At that point, full payment will be due in exchange for the original materials and final project discs.

I will travel up to 20 miles each direction as a free service. (40-mile round trip from Greendale, WI)

For a larger project, I am willing to pick-up and deliver beyond a distance of 20 miles (one way) for an additional fee to be negotiated with the customer.

Some projects can be sent back and forth electronically if it is more convenient or location is an issue. A lower resolution copy of the final project can be sent for approval, but payment needs to be made before the final files are sent.

What if I live far away, or don’t want to meet in person?

For any pick-up/delivery beyond reasonable driving distance (or for those who do not want to meet in person), using a reliable shipping service is the best way to send and receive your project materials.  Using mailers specifically made for vinyl albums and various tapes are recommended.  Boxing these items in a larger box with good cushioning (styrofoam pellets or bubble wrap for example) is even better.  I will use the same care in shipping items back to you.  You cover shipping (and any optional insurance) both ways.  Payment must be received before the final project is shipped to you.

How many discs should I order?

There will usually be at least one disc, although some projects can be sent electronically.  I always recommend at least one more disc as a safety copy that you keep somewhere other than your home.  If your original copy gets damaged, or something happens to your home, you have your safety copy stored outside of your home as a back-up. Additional copies can also make nice gifts for friends or family.  I can keep your project for a short time as you consider buying more copies, but eventually, I will have to erase it to keep hard drive space open for other projects.  You can also purchase a back-up disc of the entire project and all of its elements.  If you ever want to go back and make changes to your project at a later date, this master copy would be invaluable.

The prices per disc are listed on the Rates page under ‘Materials’ and include the written disc, a plastic case and a typed insert.

What if I have audio or video that I cannot play, but may want converted to digital?

Within a reasonable driving distance, and for a fee to cover my time and mileage, I can make an appointment to come to your location with a player, and help you decide what you would like to use in your project.

What if my tape or film is damaged?

If your audio/video tape or 8mm/16mm film is damaged before you hand it to me or send it, please let me know when we plan your new project. Sometimes, old tape or film breaks while I am doing the transfer. If this happens, I will let you know that it happened and if I am able to repair it. In either case, both tape and film media can usually be repaired and transferred to digital without an issue.

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