Photo Services

  • Analog to Digital Conversion – Scan your analog photos, negatives, slides, and printed media and save them as high-resolution digital image files.
  • Repair and/or Restoration – Restore, manipulate, or improve the digital files: cropping, custom sizing, color correction, effects, removal of spots, scratches and other damage, artistic changes (example: cutting out subject of photo and placing against a different background), and more.
  • Restored/improved images can be written to a digital master/archive disc.
  • Images can be incorporated into a slideshow – with or without music or a narrated voice-over.
    (Examples would be wedding, funeral, musical group, or family event slideshows)
  • Images can be added to a video project, music video, graphic layout, poster, or other project.
    Digital photos can also be used in your project.
  • Photography – My experience has been mostly in live and posed musical group/performing artist photography, but would consider other requests. Indoor and outdoor photography services are both available. Some examples are found below.

Look below to see some scanned photo and photography examples…

My rate for all Photo services is $20 / hour (plus discs and sales tax)

A back-up disc of the entire project is an additional charge (recommended even if the project is sent electronically).

Additional information, including how to get started on your project, can be found on the FAQ page.

Photo Examples


Click on an example photo to enlarge it, then look for the arrow on the right or left to toggle between the ‘before and after’ comparison.
This will give you an instant view of the changes made to each photo.


This is a 1954 photo – faded and full of white spots.  It was scanned at a high resolution, cleaned and sharpened up, then reduced to a lower resolution for this website example.  The high resolution master would be given to the customer along with any lower resolution formats requested.

This photo has some very noticeable scratches and also some specks.  This type of repair is done manually too, and depending on the damage, can take a while to fix.  If a damaged photo is important to you, the results are well worth the effort.  In the repaired version, you can see the scratches have been removed as well as the specks.  The photo was also lightened slightly.

This photo is a scan from a printed concert flyer – The original photo was no longer available.  It has some white specks on it and two prominent fold lines.  In the repaired version, the specks have been removed, the fold lines have been repaired, and the photo has been sharpened a bit so it no longer has a faded look.  The condition of the original photo or printed work will determine how much improvement can be achieved.

This is a 1937 confirmation photo. The unedited original scan is on the left. The restored version is on the right. The detail and time spent on photo restoration and repair is based on your needs and budget. The photo scanning and restoration itself can be the entire project, or the restored photos can be added to a new project such as a photo slideshow. A photo slideshow can be silent, feature music or even voice-over narration.

The following are examples of photo/video memorial (funeral) slideshows. These slideshows can be done with photos only, or with video and/or printed works mixed in. They can be short or long, with extra work being done to improve the quality of the photos and video to varying degrees, or media used ‘as is’ with few or no improvements made. Wedding slideshows and other event slideshows can be done as well, and customized to your taste, need and budget. The links below will take you to video examples – complete with detailed notes on each individual video.

Photo Slideshow 1
Photo Slideshow 2
Photo/Video Slideshow

Photography Examples


These are two examples from a recent photo session with the Milwaukee-based metal band ‘A Tortured Soul’.

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