The posted rates do not include sales tax and materials.
Project rendering and disc burning are complimentary and not billed in the hourly rate.

Audio Services:

  • Analog to digital conversion and editing – $20 / hour
  • Basic audio mastering (levels, compression, noise reduction for a transfer project) – $20 / hour
  • Audio mastering (full mastering for personal use or CD replication)ask for quote
  • Audio tape baking – $5 per tape (when needed – pending customer approval)

Video Services:

  • Analog to digital tape conversion and editing – $20 / hour
  • Video tape baking – $5 per tape (when needed – pending customer approval)
  • Regular 8mm / Super 8mm / 16mm film conversion – $25 / hour (silent film only)
  • Live event videography – high-definition (Blu-ray quality)ask for quote
  • Video editing and production – high-definition (Blu-ray quality)ask for quote
  • Music video production/editing – ask for quote

Photo Services:

  • Digital scanning of photos, negatives, slides and printed media – $20 / hour
  • Repair, restoration, manipulation of digital image files – $20 / hour
  • Assembling a photo/printed works slideshow – silent or with music / with or without voice-over – $20 / hour
  • Video clips mixed in, animated text – $20 / hour
  • Music licensing is extra where applicable – prices vary depending on music chosen
  • Photography – ask for quote

Graphic Arts Services:

  • Graphic Layout – for CD, DVD, Blu-ray, vinyl album sleeve, cassette or custom item
    Includes all cover panels, graphics, text, disc label, logos, photos – all assembled into print-ready digital files – $20 / hour
  • Posters, T-shirt design, flyers, and other print media design – $20 / hour
  • Advertisements for newspaper, magazines, etc. – $20 / hour


  • CD-R – Compact disc /clear slimline case /text typed on cover – $6 each (700MB)
  • DVD+R – DVD disc /clear slimline case /text typed on cover – $7 each (4.7GB)
  • DVD+R DL – Double-layer DVD /clear slimline case /text typed on cover – $8 each (8.5GB)
  • BD-R – Blu-ray disc /standard blue Blu-ray case /text typed on cover – $10 each (25GB)
  • BD-R DL – Blu-ray disc /standard blue Blu-ray case /text typed on cover – $18 (50GB)

CD and DVD+R discs are silver with black print (or left blank at customer request).
DVD+R DL, BD-R and BD-R DL are hand labeled or left blank (printing on disc is coming soon).
For discs only (no case or cover), different cases, graphics on cover or other customization. – please ask for pricing

Audio and Video Tape Baking – $5 per tape (mostly reel to reel audio tapes, VHS and Betamax video tapes). Sometimes, when tapes have been sitting for years in a humid environment, some of them will be sticky and not play. Baking the tapes removes the humidity for a short time and almost always allows the tape to play properly so it can be converted to digital. There are no guarantees, but often the recorded audio/video on the tape can be saved. I always contact a customer for approval if this issue comes up.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

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