Video Services

  • Videography
  • Video Production
  • Convert Analog Video to Digital Video


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  • Single camera shoots, or multiple takes with a single camera. (High Definition video)
  • Add a second camera operator for larger productions. (also High Definition video)
  • Live music performance, other types of live performance, events, music videos, commercials, crowdfunding videos, corporate videos, and more.
    (we can discuss any idea and budget you may have)

Video Production

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  • Videography: High Definition single camera shoots, multiple takes with a single camera, or add a second camera operator for larger productions. Music videos, corporate videos, live music performance (inquire about other live events), and more…
  • Video Editing – Edit a single video source or assemble a compilation of scenes from various sources into a project.
  • DVD / Blu-ray Authoring: assemble the final edited project with or without menus – for private use or mass replication (standard or high definition)

Convert Analog Video to Digital Video

(All analog video tapes: $20 / hour for labor – plus final discs and sales tax)
(All analog film reels: $25 / hour for labor – plus final discs and sales tax)

Note: The film reels are inspected for damage, repaired if necessary, cleaned, blank leader added if necessary, and transferred via an advanced machine that
takes high resolution photos of each individual frame for a very precise high quality digital video clip.

Convert your analog video tapes and film – save them as high-resolution digital files which can be used in a number of ways:

  • Assemble all of the unedited source files and create a digital master/archive disc.
  • Restore, manipulate, or improve the video files: editing, color correction and other video improvements, effects and transitions between scenes as needed, repair or improve audio, add photos or printed media, animated text and credits, menu pages and more…
  • Create a DVD or Blu-ray disc – a single work or a compilation of various recordings.
    Projects can also be saved to flash drives, external hard drives, or sent to you electronically.
  • Use the restored/improved video clips in a photo slideshow project.

Digital video files can also be used in your project.


(for conversion to digital)

Analog Video

  • VHS and S-VHS
  • Betamax (types 1, 2 and 3)
  • Hi8 camera cassette
  • 8mm / Video8 camera cassette
  • VHS-C camera cassette
  • Regular 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm silent film reels

Digital Video
(for adding digital media to newly converted media in a project)

  • Mini DV cassette
  • SDHC cards

Some video tapes that have been stored for long periods of time will stick together and not play. I am equipped to bake these tapes and remove the stickiness at a cost of $5 per tape. Although temporary, this process will almost always make the tape playable for a period of time so that the conversion to digital may be completed. I will call and get customer approval before going ahead with this process.

Discs containing the unedited source video files (digital master) can be made for an additional charge. This is recommended if you want to archive the conversion you purchased, or be able to go back to the original recordings for any reason.

Additional information, including how to get started on your project, can be found on the FAQ page.

Look below to see some video examples…

Video Examples:


This is an example of a crowdfunding video. This videomercial is actually done more as a photo slideshow with sparse video and a lot of movement in it. Most crowdfunding presentations are done as video productions, so I am including in the video section. This type of video is also similar to some corporate videos and commercials which are also services performed by Outsidedown Productions. More detailed notes are found about this video after you click the link.

Crowdfunding Videomercial

Below are two Regular 8mm silent film conversion samples. The first example is a basic conversion with nothing altered. The second example is the same clip, but it goes a step further and demonstrates treatment with video de-noising software. This will add some labor time, but it can be well worth it, especially in lower light scenes. Each scene must be worked on separately for the best results. A customer can choose to add de-noising to only the scenes that need it most, every scene in the project, or none of them if the main concern is to keep the project cost lower. Super 8mm and 16mm silent film can also be converted. Text, music, or voice-over narration can be added to a silent video project as well.
Film conversions are usually projects on their own, but adding film clips to photo slideshows can be a very interesting way to view related photos and film together and add depth to your project. See the Photo/Video Slideshow example on the Photo page of this website under ‘Photo Examples’ to see how well it works.

Regular 8mm film conversion – basic – no alterations
Regular 8mm film conversion – with denoising added

Below are two videos (out of four) in a series to promote an album release.  They were done on a low budget – four songs in one location with clothing changes. In these videos, the camera work and lighting was done by others – I took the raw video footage and produced the finished videos (editing, color correction, effects, intro and outro).

HEDDA – ‘See The Light’
HEDDA – ‘Heaven’s Fate’

These video singles were each made by using some single camera footage taken at a live performance.  In these situations, three things have to come together to make a quality live performance video: good lighting, a good performance by the band, and good camera work.  Good audio in the venue or from the mixing board is important if the video is to remain totally live, but sometimes using the audio from a studio recording can be good for making a low-budget promo video.  The footage in these example videos was captured by others – I worked on the audio, improving the video quality (poor lighting in the venue), and adding an intro and outro.  This type of video can be useful for making old video footage more watchable, or creating a new video on a very limited budget.  This can apply to other types of live event videos as well – not just musical performance.

Dimension X – ‘Why’
Morta Skuld – ‘Prolong The Agony’
Morta Skuld – ‘Hatred Creation’ –  (2 camera shoot/edit)

This video single was created by pairing old video footage up with studio-recorded audio.  The original live audio was distorted and unusable (camcorder microphone in a small room with big volume).  The video footage did not match the new audio, and needed some creative editing to match them up.  In the end, new life was given to a video clip that had been rendered useless by bad audio.

Viogression – ‘Nothing’

This video was created out of footage that was captured for simple documenting purposes, but was later used to make a music video and paired with the studio recording it is meant to promote.  You can tell while watching it, that the lighting and the ‘performance’ were not carefully produced, but more of a quick capture to document the recording process.  Sometimes, with a little creativity however, you can make something more than originally planned and have some fun with it.

Intangible Flywheel – ‘I’m Gonna Love You’

This video was created as a photo slideshow.  This project band had no video footage to go with the music, but did have a bunch of photos. This is one way of taking an old audio recording and some photos and making something much more interesting.  Video and printed works can also be mixed together with photos to make something creative.  Although the example shown is a musical performance, this type of photo slideshow/video can be used for any kind of project.

Fallen Race – ‘Junior’

This is a video I captured with a friend using two cameras.  The cameras were stationary (I couldn’t add motion because I was in the shot), but the two-camera edit makes it a little more interesting.  The video footage was paired with a rough mix of the studio-recorded audio track.

HEDDA – ‘See The Light’ – rough mix/drums only

This is a video that demonstrates the quality of my current high-definition camera.  I created it from footage I shot while obtaining still photos for the Outsidedown Productions website Home Page.  This is the camera I use for studio-type video projects and for live event videography.

Video Sample 1

This video shows some rough footage examples I captured for a corporate video production.  It demonstrates the video quality obtained as the lighting and camera were moved to different locations during the shoot.

Video Sample 2

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